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The Next Generation of Spirits is Here

At Origen Holistic Spirits, we believe that living is an art, so why not make the things we treasure a masterpiece.  Using scientifically researched plant ingredients and sustainable distillation methods, we’ve curated the next generation of distilled spirits that elevates both the palette and the planet.

“Be a genius at the art of living.”

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Drink Better

Origen Holistic Spirits creates a bridge between science and spirits, harnessing the power of all-natural botanical ingredients – elderberry, artichoke, green tea, and muscadine – plants that have been purposefully selected and researched.  We realize that no alcohol can be referred to as healthy, but we like to say, “If you’re going to drink, drink better.’

Drink Holistic

At the Origen Holistic Spirits, we marry science, nature, and artisanal distillation using purposefully selected plant ingredients that create an innovative enlightened spirit. Our naturally rose-hued vodka base is distilled 18 times and crafted from 100% gluten-free, Italian white wheat and infused with a scientifically-developed natural blend of plant botanicals. (This means zero artificial flavors, colors, GMOs, or additives.)

Invented For You And
The Planet

Origen Holistic Spirits is not just purposefully developed, it’s also made with Mother Earth in mind. To reduce our environmental impact, our holistic spirit is distilled at McClintock Distilling Company, a wind-powered sustainable distillery that uses less water and recycles all of its byproducts back into farming.

Discover Our Holistic Spirit

Purposeful Ingredients,

Enlightened Imbibing.

Ingredients From Nature.


Artichoke plants are a type of thistle that originated in the Mediterranean and have been used for centuries for their plant compounds. Origen uses sustainably harvested artichoke leaves grown in the Loire Valley of France at a third-generation family farm.


Origen is made with Austrian elderberries which Europeans have used for centuries for their flavor profile and special plant compounds.

Muscadine Grapes

Muscadine grapes are native to and only grown in, the American South. Our muscadines are grown in Wray, Georgia at a sixth-generation family farm.

Green Tea Leaves

Green Tea leaves have been consumed for thousands of years throughout China and Japan, and more recently throughout the world. Origen uses the highest quality green tea leaves available in our patent pending formula.

Taste The Difference

Naturally pink from an infusion of raw plant extracts, Origen is velvety and delicate with subtle cherry fruit notes and a floral bouquet. Origen opens with notes of gentle olive fruit and a hint of salinity with a rounded floral backbone, followed by a balanced acidity carrying through with light vanilla on the finish. Drink it neat, sip it over ice, or stir it into your favorite cocktail.

Our Story

Disrupting Spirits With Science

Founder Amy Holmwood created an innovative functional spirit, Origen Holistic Spirits, with a desire to disrupt a space ripe for innovation, developing a spirit that would harness the power of plants. Origen’s proprietary blend of plant botanicals marries nutrigenomics and biohacking to scientifically elevate every cocktail. Origen sits at the forefront of spirits and science; bringing plant-powered alcohol to market and fueling the next generation of innovation in the spirits industry.

A Holistic Spirit Infused With Raw Botanical Extracts

From Field To Bottle

Origen Holistic Spirits is hand-stirred and artisanally crafted from Italian heirloom white wheat at the award-winning McClintock Distilling in Frederick, Maryland, one of the country’s premier small-batch distilleries. Master distiller Braeden Bumpers makes Origen in small batches from 100% gluten-free, white wheat – a super premium vodka base chosen for its exceptional purity, and mouthfeel.

Known for its low-impact, cutting-edge distilling techniques, McClintock is 100% green energy-powered and certified organic by the USDA. McClintock also supports local farmers throughout the United States with education and development programs, teaching organic farming practices to help regional farmers increase their profits and supporting the number of quality heirloom grain crops throughout the country.

Pay It Forward

Community and connection are at the heart of our philosophy at Origen Holistic Spirits Company. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we focused on the immediate need of reducing food insecurity and supporting underserved children during one of the most challenging times in history for kids who live in impoverished neighborhoods, through an organization called SoWhatElse.org.

However, our main focus is on supporting environmental causes and sustainability. We are proud to support ForestPlanet.org where for each bottle of Origen Holistic Spirits sold, we plant a tree in locations in the world that have been heavily deforested.  This plant a tree initiative is critical to our mission and long-term brand vision to make an impact on the earth and the people who inhabit it. We hope you will follow our philanthropy and give-back initiatives @Origenholisticspirits on Instagram and Facebook.

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